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We define our service model based on the issues we solve

Reporting is limited and/or complicated

Real time database provides unlimited reporting capabilities including the ability to run any report prior to processing payroll. Reports can also be customized and data exported as needed.

Customer service is with multiple people/departments

Single point of contact for payroll, HR and time & attendance. Complete transparency for you in system to view status of any outstanding issues.

Sustainable platform with low IT involvement

A cloud based system that is written in .Net architecture with a SQL database structure. This flexible structure allows customization on the client level along with back end integration options for numerous systems. System is updated quarterly to ensure compliance with all federal, state and local tax agencies. Additionally, new features are added to enhance the user experience.

Time consuming and cumbersome processes

Service model is built around your internal processes. System contains a workflow management system that designs task management around your needs. We work with key team members throughout implementation to design efficiencies that fit your company structure

Provider accountability

Our infrastructure allows us to be a provider with flexibility for deadlines and ability to think outside the box to accomplish the tasks you need done.

Manual processes are inefficient

Automation tools which include report distribution to proper departments and vendors as needed (includes GL, 401k, benefits and workers compensation). System integration including single sign on for all systems. We automate tax payments and handle all communication with agencies.

Different databases for information

Payroll, time & attendance and HR all share information. Applicant tracking and other HR tools like background checks are integrated into the system to provide a complete single sign on tool to manage your employees.


Flat pricing model that is designed to be fair and reflect the services you need.

Download a copy of Summit Service Overview