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Case Studies

Case Study #1:  Union Organization

Location: Cerritos

Size: 175 Employees

Value Proposition:  Streamlining HR Processes
This company’s HR department is driven by a collective bargaining agreement that sets requirement on time management for the employees.  Paying weekly, the HR department had 2 full time people dedicated to time management for 3 days every week with an ineffective system.  Summit implemented a new system that pushed management out to managers for only a few minutes a day, completely freeing up the HR department to do what they do best!

Case Study #2:  Non-Profit Organization

Location: Anaheim

Size: 375 Employees

Value Proposition: Savings of 30% with additional systems; management automation
Operating with a completely manual process for 25 locations, time card management was burdensome twice a month when this organization processed payroll, taking up to 3 days to collect data.  Implementing a new web based system, Summit was able to reduce processing time down to 3 hours.  In addition, we were able to include a much-needed HRIS system while still saving the organization 30% in processing fees.

Case Study #3:  Class Action Lawsuit Management

Location: Costa Mesa

Size: 200,000 checks per year

Value Proposition:  Streamlining payroll operation for class action lawsuit settlement.
This firm manages payroll disbursement for class action law suits.  Struggling with an outdated system, Summit implemented a new processing engine for all the processing checks in all 50 states.  In addition, Summit provided tax filing services for this company that processes over 100,000 checks every year.

Case Study #4:  Back Office Solution

Location: Fresno

Size: 250,000 checks per year

Value Proposition:  Creating a back office solution for a payroll sales organization, white labeled.
A pension administrator wanted a white label solution that would provide additional product for them to sell their clients.  Summit implemented a private solution that allowed them to increase revenues, but still have the power of a seasoned payroll processing organization driving the product.