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Affiliate Program


Summit HR & Payroll has experienced tremendous growth over the last few years by building strong alliances with people and companies that have seen the value of referring us to their clients and prospects. Out of this we have developed an affiliate program that formalizes the process of working with our company in a way that provides both short term benefit and long term revenue in a number of different formats. We believe in relationships first and foremost that are mutually beneficial to everyone so whether you want to call yourself a private label, channel partner, reseller or whatever else, it has to make sense for everyone.

3 levels designed to fit what best works for you or your company:

Who fits? Individuals & Companies with payroll and/or PEO sales experience

If you are familiar with the payroll and human resources space and have always thought you should start your own company, this is the program for you. We provide the technology, service and deliverables and you are responsible for bringing in the new business. Through this program you can build a company at the rate that makes sense for your life without all the upfront risk. This program provides ownership options along with upfront and residual revenue sharing.

Who fits? Individuals & Companies with B2B sales experience (insurance agents, banks, credit card processors, HR firms, accounting firms)

If you already are selling B2B services and would like another option to sell, this is the program for you. With this program we provide you all the resources you need to be successful (technology, marketing, training) along with providing direct sales support to ensure your success. This program provides upfront and residual revenue sharing.

Who fits? Individuals & Companies with trusted business relationships (CPA’s, insurance agents, lawyers, consultants, bookkeepers)

If you regularly meet with clients in a B2B environment and consider yourself a trusted advisor, this is the program for you. With this program you simply refer business to us through our website and we handle all the direct sales efforts. With this program you are paid a referral fee along with residual revenue sharing.

Why work with Summit?

We believe there are 3 key factors to success: Training, Culture & Revenue. All 3 are vital to ensuring success for all parties. We have created a program that is built around empowering you to be successful as well as providing the tools you need to create long term, sustainable growth. We approach each relationship as unique, knowing that it is our job to create an environment that you feel motivated to be a part of. Finally, we have developed a compensation structure that rewards your hard work.

Our training approach ensures your initial and ongoing success with the program you choose. We developed a four tiered process that invests time in your success.
• Knowledge: We provide an initial training boot camp that gives you the opportunity to learn our products, services and
• Personalized: We personalize this training based on your background and needs.
• Reality Check: We allow you to attend sales calls with us to see the process in action.
• Sharpening: We conduct weekly web hosted meetings that give you industry news, company specific updates and ongoing
sales and marketing resources.

Let’s face it, there are a lot of companies who “do what we do”. We don’t focus on the check boxes of payroll but instead our company is built around partnering with our clients to ensure that we are making their business better by doing business with us. By focusing on technology integration, workflow management, task management and other business rules, we live in a different world versus most payroll companies.

Additionally, our executive team is devoted to your success. We all have numerous years in the industry, have worked for the big guys and understand what success looks like. We are not simply looking to get something from you, we want to provide the very best opportunity for your success.

Our unique residual commission structure is the best in the industry. We want you to take a vested interest in the clients you have an influence with. By continuing to pay you as long as they are a client, we believe you will be incentivized to stay in touch with them, making sure they are thrilled with Summit and then will be able to leverage the relationship for referrals to continue to grow your income.

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